How We Do It

CTXDA - Shopping CenterA good due diligence analysis entails researching issues such as zoning, subdivision, easement, setbacks, code restrictions, and viability. These analyses provide clients with the information they need to proceed with the confidence that, for example, some obscure or unknown ordinance won’t prohibit their proposed use of the tract of land. Wise landowners and prospective buyers reduce their stress (and risk!) by relying upon development assessment experts for the information they need to make good decisions.

Many land planners and civil engineering organizations tend to shy away from development assessments because they fear that an assessment may not prove to be a profitable step for them. The truth is, a development assessment is good business and offers clients a means to think through the details of their project before they act in a realm that’s foreign to them.  A development assessment provides the client with a reality check as to whether their real estate venture is viable within their limitations and parameters for that particular site, budget, and schedule.

Clients often feel uneasy while they await the results of a development assessment. The results often reveal if their plans are pipe dreams or practical business opportunities. CTXDA understands that apprehension and takes great pride in getting the right information in the right form and in a timely manner for its clients.

Case Studies (Examples of Development Assessments)