“Navigating the complexities of governmental control over land development is a burdensome challenge, which involves countless hours to identify, uncover and evaluate. Your firm has brought a new level of confidence to our firm by providing valuable detailed information upfront to our decision process on land and property development.”

– Eddie Oliver, Architect, AIA, Development 2000 (Download pdf)

“I found Mike to be very knowledgeable and passionate regarding the inefficiencies of the regulatory activities of the City of Austin and the resulting impact on the construction industry. By accurately reporting the status of utility availability, current zoning, the applicability of existing or proposed city codes and ordinances, etc., Mike’s efforts helped us avoid numerous pitfalls and allowed our projects to move forward far more efficiently than might have been the case otherwise…I have found Mike to consistently be extremely professional, reliable, and diligent.”

– Larry C. Nelson, CEO, LJCo, Inc. (Download pdf)

“Your knowledge of the development codes, navigational tools within the permit offices and overall professional attitude is refreshing. When I’m in a position to need your services in the future, I won’t hesitate to contact you. Until that time please feel free to use me as a personal and/or professional reference. I will highly recommend to anyone that they use your services.”

– Donald Woodard, President, Venable Industries (Download pdf)